That's what makes L-bow unique.


The standard 40ft high cube container results in quick, easy and efficient mobilization and demobilization possibilities. Put on a Truck, Ship or Airplane it is deployed in no time to any global Onshore or Offshore location.

Plug & play

On arrival, it’s a time-saving, user-friendly plug and play set-up. With its relative low power consumption, it is possible to connect the L-bow direct to your ship’s power grid without the need of separate HPU.


Stacking the L-bow unit on top of our container sized modules adds efficient elevation possibilities. These modules can be equipped with e.g. lavatories, dry rooms or redundant power generators.

About us

Our mission and our vision
Worldwide Sales Rental and Service for flexibility

Founded in 2015, L-bow’s mission is to make the offshore access market more efficient and provide a plug & play walk to work experience.

The L-bow system is the result of a market in need of more efficient systems. The main issues being high operational costs, complexity of systems and needing to hire operators to operate the system. This inspired us to design the L-bow system, a system that is easy to transport and mobilize. It reduces the complexity of compensation systems while enlarging the possibilities for use and last but certainly not least can be operated by your own crew.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the many possibilities how offshore transfers can become more efficient in every way and provide "SAFETY IN EVERY STEP".

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